Waterways Forward

Budapest, Hungary (2011)
Brussels, Belgium (2012)
Paris, France (2012)

Type: Exhibition
Client: Interreg IVC programme
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Status: Exhibited between 2011-2012
Collaboration: Landscape Interface Studio (LIS)

This is an exhibition for the Waterways Forward Project to promote best practice amongst its 17 partners. The exhibition demonstrated the capacity of waterways; rivers, canals, streams and lakes to promote innovative future policy. If Policy regarding waterways is written with understanding and ambition than three new types of growth can be nurtured; (1) Sustainable growth, (2) inclusive growth, (3) smart growth.

The single most persuasive and most compelling statement we needed to make was that inland waterways were underexploited and misunderstood. They have vast amounts of potential that can help to change a country’s economy, the quality of life of the local communities and the environment.