Victorian With A Twist 

Nunhead, London

Type: Residential Refurbishment and New  Loft
Client: Private
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Status: December 2019

This is a main family home in a Victorian semi-detached house in Nunhead. The house is built over two stories to the front, and two stories to the rear including a deep outrigger. The property also benefits from an existing loft conversion, so the useable floor space is currently over three stories.

The property requires minor refurbishment works to be undertaken throughout, including a renovation of their existing loft conversion, improvements made to the heating system and organisational changes within the kitchen. More importantly, there is an existing loft space that needs to be improved. The most important requirement is to take a ‘whole house’ approach to the project to understand what the options and limitations are. This whole house approach has investigated designs of the kitchen on the ground floor, the connection between front and rear sitting room, and the loft level.