The Yellow Room

South London

Type: Kitchen Renovation
Client: Private
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Status: Completed September 2018

The Client was a couple in need of a new arrival into their property and a full kitchen renovation. A Small Studio’s design enhanced the arrival by opening up the view from the main entrance through to the large tree in the garden. This brought both natural light and added a prolonged view as one enters the house.

The new kitchen and appliances have been kept minimal and the colour scheme monochromatic. The main feature of the entrance and kitchen is the yellow wall that runs along the whole centre of the house, creating a path to the new kitchen.

A new cosy reading corner has been created at the end of it, overlooking to the back garden. Different levels of lighting allow for different moods. The luxurious grey floors create a stark transition between the hallway and the kitchen space, which are divided by an original arch. The new kitchen has more storage space and the central island allows for easier circulation.