Gini Studio 

Greenwich, London

Type: Teaching and Learning
Client: University of Greenwich BA 3
Contract Value: Part-Time Lecturer
Status: 2019-2020

Disruptive Ecologies: designing for direct action to confront environmental crisis and urban inequities.

This year we re-imagine the Gini index so that a ‘perfect society’ is not only measured by its equality, but includes gradients of ecology (or disruption).

Firstly, this unit will define the notion of urban ecological balance and identify the factors that lead to disruption. This enquiry will generate a new index specific to each student that can be used to measure their site, interpret its conditions, re-imagine its potential, and design for direct action.

The site this year will be Parliament Square which is of huge practical and symbolic significance in the UK. Parliament Square has historically also been the starting point for plots, Machiavellian interventions, marches, manifestations, and public gatherings but recent laws have been enacted restricting the right to peaceful protest.

The studio will have an urban focus exploring how small-scale interventions can have city-wide and regional impacts.