A Small Bat Pack

Norwood High Street, London

Type: Charitable Product
Client: A Small Studio
Collaboration: Bat Conservation Trust
Status: Ongoing since 2021

We care about biodiversity and about bats. They’ve taken a hit and have a bad reputation! But bats are bioindicators that help us measure the wellbeing of our environment.

Together with urban bat ecologist Jo Ferguson, from the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), we have been working on a project called the ‘Bat’s Highway’. The project is about creating a green infrastructure link above Norwood High street to help bats move between the three main park (Streatham Common, Brockwell park and Crystal palace) in South London. However, the Bats Highway can be applied to any high street in London.

As part of the project, we are launching our first charitable product called ‘A Small Bat Pack’ which is a starter kit to improve outdoor space (whether a terrace, a stoop, a garden or a pocket garden on the street) into a bat-friendly space. By making simple design changes, we show how you can increase bat activity within your garden, and contribute to a healthier habitat.

The bat pack is jammed with bat-friendly activities and importantly, it has DIY manuals on things you can do (insect hotel, pond, bat-friendly planting, compost heap). 

Order your A Small Bat Pack

Below are the DIY manuals on things you can do to make a bat-friendly outdoor space