A Hiker’s Barn 

Snowdonia, Wales

Type: Conversion of an agricultural barn
Client: Private
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Status: June 2018

This is the conversion of an agricultural barn into residential accommodation in North Wales. The site is within the Snowdonia National Park.

A Small Studio designed the interior of the barn and accommodated a kitchen/dining and social area, bedroom and bathroom at ground floor with a loft bedroom over the mezzanine. Internally, we maximised the space. The design considers different room arrangements and circulation to make the most efficient use of the barn as both a family home and rental accommodation. There is ample built-in furniture and storage to give the illusion of larger rooms and minimise the need for buying and maintaining furniture.

We focused on functionality and on enhancing the experience for people who spend a lot of time outdoors pursuing hikes, walks and sports. The barn has been designed to be cozy, comfortable and child-friendly. However, at the same time the barn is being treated as a retreat that is practical and can comfortably accommodate outdoor activities (and their dirt).

Externally, to make the most out of the large site at the front, we dived it into zones. Some are functional zones, other are access routes and the remainder are leisure/ play areas. There is a strong emphasis on enhancing the diversity of planting to increase pollination and make small ‘garden areas’ that will encourage wildlife to perch and use the house.