We love working for private clients to renovate their home. For the client it is ideal because they have an architect dedicated to their project from start to finish. The renovation is usually too big for our clients to manage with their busy schedules, so we become a single point of contact to design, manage and organise the project.

For us, it is great because we are involved with all the stages of work: from conceptual design, negotiating the planning issues, sourcing materials, designing specialist features, building bespoke detailing and administering contracts so works are within budget and on time.

But most of all, we like climbing scaffolding and smelling concrete. The renovation of a family home will usually be a year-long project. We have experience timing the different stages so they occur at the most sensible part of the year and so they (conveniently) coincide with family holidays.

The cost of a renovation is between £2,500-£3,250 per square metre inclusive of fixtures and finishes but excluding VAT and professional fees.