The Power of Norwood High Street

Lambeth, London

Type: Digital month-long consultation
Client: London Festival of Architecture
Status: June 2020
Pilot project: A Co-working space
Collaboration: Station to Station, the West Norwood & Tulse Hill Business Improvement District

What types of programmes and new functions can we encourage on Norwood High Street that would promote different, relevant, adaptable and flexible new spaces along its length? What can we do about the existing empty high street shops? Is there a use other than commerce?  Or do we focus on the street? If we explore landscape tactics to change the street will the buildings and shops naturally follow?

How to participate:
Unfortunately, this is a small private event. However, the results will be shared here, so watch out this space!

Roundtable with landowners

The key questions for this roundtable discussion will be: Identification of the key sites and existing use; Identification of preferred development and required yield; Landowner priorities and S106 exchanges; Is bridging/networking required between the landowner and community/ local groups.

How to participate:
1. Sign up for the Open Discussion sign up here
2. Attend on the 25th June

Open discussion

This is an informal open discussion to learn how Croydon developed a program of ‘meanwhile strategies’ for converting their empty shops into useful spaces. Members of the Regeneration Team together with local artists, business and makers will discuss the benefits from flexible light-industrial workspaces.

How to participate:
1. Save or draw the images below
2. Re-imagine the spaces
3. Submit your drawings by 21st June to

Hashtag your ideal high street

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