The Power of Norwood High Street

Lambeth, London

Type: Digital month-long consultation
Client: London Festival of Architecture
Status: June 2020
Pilot project: A Co-working space
Collaboration: Station to Station, the West Norwood & Tulse Hill Business Improvement District

Through landscape tactics, how can we adapt a busy carriageway into a place where local people want to walk; where cars drive slowly; where bicycles are championed; and where the pavement is activated? By focusing on these three areas we can test the resilience of the high street by re-imagining how its buildings can change use.  What is a public square today? Is it a playground? Is it where young people hang out? Is it a community venue? Is it for relaxation or productivity? Is it an experience?

How to participate:
1. Save this image, hand draw it or use the SketchUp package below
2. Imagine your public square
3. Submit your drawings by 21st June to
How to participate:
1. Download the SketchUp package
2. Design your public square
3. Submit your drawings by 21st June to

Reimagine your public square in SketchUp

How to participate:
1. Sign up for the landscape webinar here
2. Attend on the 19th June

Landscape Webinar

To give some ‘food for thought’, the focus of this webinar ‘High Streets, lowlands by Ed Wall’ is to show how landscape tactics can be applied in an urban context.