Artists Pavilion

New Build Studio

Completed July 2010

Anapoima, Colombia

Client: Private
Contract Value: undisclosed
Status: Completed  July 2010

Urania is a commission completed in 2010 for an artist working in a tropical country. The intense heat required an open space that would provide constant natural ventilation, whilst the glaring sunlight called for a design that could provide shade throughout the day. A Small Studio designed a fragile and transparent cube supported by pivoting walls that can be adjusted to create different areas. A strong concrete shell –completely independent from the inner cube- protects the fragile interior with openings designed according to the sunlight path.

The lavish vegetation grows uncontrollably in this climate, so gardens have been allowed to enter the house and blur the boundaries between inner and outer space.

A Small Studio would like to thank all of the builders, ironmongers, joiners, stonemasons and the contractor for their enthusiasm and humour throughout the building works. Without them, the site would not have been as enjoyable as it was…and the detailing as perfect.