The RIBA Plan of Work is used as guidance for the preparation of detailed professional services contracts and building contracts.Our services are separated into clear stages and every client receives a unique proposal prior to appointment. 


We make a measured survey of the site and property. It is followed by a feasibility study and a concept design (usually 2 or 3) to determine the best use of the space. We optimise the site, views and Client needs. This stage includes both internal and external aspects of the property.


The feasibility study is developed into a final design. This becomes the proposal for planning purposes. 


This is when we begin planning negotiations and obtain planning consent. We formalise the application and submit it to the Local Authority. We will negotiate with the Planning Officer if amendments are required. We represent you throughout and explain the planning process step by step.


Other Consultants work with us at this stage, such as the Structural Engineer and Building Control Officer. We prepare detailed construction information that includes: architectural drawings, material specifications and a Schedule of Works. Sometimes we work with a Quantity Surveyor to obtain price certainty at an early stage.


We Tender to -at least- three different contractors following a competitive Tender procedure that is fair and transparent. We have first-hand experience of working with different builders and craftsmen and will offer guidance on the pros and cons of each contractor. We revise the pricing and amend the scheme to match the Client’s budget.


We supervise the project to ensure the works are carried out with care and precision. We carry out regular site visits to: monitor performance; issue additional information for construction; administer the building contract. We ensure the project runs smoothly on time and within budget.


We hand over the project to the Client and prepare a snag list with any outstanding items. We liaise with the Contractor and prepare programme for rectifying works within the Defects Liability Period. We collect the Health and Safety File and prepare final ‘As Built’ information and submit this to the Client.


We have worked in Wales, Nairobi, New York City, Bogotá, Chania, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Auckland. Being small means we are flexible. Being interdisciplinary means we know how to work in diverse teams. We love the challenge of a different climate, a different culture and different needs.