We are design-led and research-orientated. We are critical about what we do. But we have lots of fun as we love the challenge of the craft of building.



A Small Studio Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Helena Rivera. Helena trained in architecture at University College London and the Royal College of Art. She is a fully qualified Architect registered on the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and chartered with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Helena is specialised in the British planning system and has a Doctorate (PhD) in Regional Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning (UCL).
Helena is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Greenwich and together with Kalliopi she leads a master’s unit in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. She is a Board member of the local Business Improvement District (BID) and is part of the RIBA mentoring scheme for students.
Helena grew up in the Netherlands and has always ridden a bike in the city. She is actually Colombian and takes her black coffee seriously. She has lived in London 25 years and loves the city.

Associate Architect


Kalliopi Bouzounieraki is an Associate Architect at A Small Studio and joined the practice in 2017. She is a fully qualified Architect registered on the Architects Registration Board (ARB). Kalliopi grew up on a Greek island, drawing classical columns since an early child. At the age of 18 she moved to the UK where she completed her Architecture studies at Kingston University, the University of Edinburgh and University of Brighton.
Kalliopi is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Greenwich and together with Helena runs a master’s unit in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. She is mentoring the students from the London School of Architecture doing their Inter-Practice year in the studio. 
Kalliopi is passionate about her reading and writing. She likes walking around the city of London with a sketchpad in her bag and is always on the lookout for new columns to sketch.

Studio Manager


Iria Suárez Martínez is the Studio Manager at A Small Studio. She first joined the studio in 2013 as a Textiles Specialist, trained as a fashion designer in Spain, and came back as a Materials Specialist after completing an MA in the History of Design at the Royal College of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  She is currently a PhD candidate at the RCA/V&A in the same programme while she remains Studio Manager.
She is interested in the impact that space and materiality have on society and is an advocate for the promotion of sustainability and well-being. Volunteering at the V&A from 2014-2017 is where she consolidated her interest in museums and archiving materiality. Iria is in charge of our materials library, leading the studio’s project on London’s first sustainable material library dedicated to the promotion of net-zero emissions in the construction industry.

Architectural Assistant


Alice Kim is a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at A Small Studio. She first joined in 2019 for her Thin Sandwich Placement whilst studying for her Part 1 at the University of Bath. On her return to university, she combined her interest in textiles to design a textile manufactory for her final year project, exploring the production of sustainable cloth and clothing. After graduating, Alice returned to the studio for her year-out.
Alice enjoys crafting. With a passion for woodworking, she participated in summer wood workshops at the University of Bath and Hellowood International Summer School for three consecutive years. She also loves model making and has recently taken up a new hobby of knitting.

Architectural Assistant


Fumi Yunosako is a Part 2 Architectural Assistant. She studied at Tokyo University of the Arts and joined A Small Studio in 2021. She gained relevant experience working for Atelier Bow-Wow in Japan for four years and a half. She has designed and overseen a wide range of projects, including private homes, hotels, stores and furniture.
She is interested in working with old structures using locally sourced materials. As a personal project in Japan, Fumi made a small stage+waiting place in the countryside but experienced a shortage of wood due to the pandemic. However, by connecting with the community, she was able to work with the local sawmill to complete the project using local resources.



We like working and collaborating with people.


We take pleasure in interpreting the client’s design brief.


We don’t see problems, we see challenges.


We enjoy working with materials: how they are made, where they come from, how they can be used and re-used.


Our projects are in the detail. But we never lose sight of the bigger picture.


We ring-fence an element of each project and don’t interfere with its budget.


Our work ages gracefully. Whether it is a 2-week installation or a building for life.


We love our planet and we want to respect it.


Our projects are biased towards the socially inclusive, accessible and age friendly.


We see beauty in diversity. We like working with different scales, different people and in different contexts.